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Being able to appropriately and productively handle conflicts is a skill that is not just an important part of your treatment program but is also a valuable life skill. We provide an opportunity for clients to learn how to resolve and deal with grievances they might have while participating in treatment at InnerSourced Solutions.

If you have a complaint, we ask that you please first attempt to work out the difficulty with the therapist or staff member with whom you have the grievance or problem. If, after careful and considerate discussion with this staff member, you continue to believe that the matter has not been appropriately resolved, complete and submit the grievance form below which is forwarded directly to our Program Administrator.  The Program Administrator will review your information and contact you directly to further discuss your concerns. If necessary and appropriate, we may request a meeting with you and the staff member involved to resolve the issue.


If you prefer, you may send a fax to (240) 846-6037.


Thank you.

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