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What is PRP?

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program services, commonly known as (PRP) assist individuals living with mental illness to reach a higher level of independence. The PRP programs assist participants with accessing and coordinating services and resources in their communities and works to ensure that each individual has access to the best possible treatment and care. Rehabilitation Coordinators provide services within the home, community and on-site in the office. Our Rehabilitation Coordinators assist the client with learning and developing improved daily living skills (i.e. personal hygiene, organizational skills, time management skills, nutrition, and money management), as well as working towards achieving healthy coping mechanisms.

What Will We Do?

Our PRP Coordinators will visit with you or your child several times a month to assist you with your rehabilitative goals.  

PRP services for Children & Adolescents  are designed to promote positive peer interaction, effective communication, self-help skills, completion of age-appropriate activities of daily living,  etc. Services are designed and developed to address the individual rehabilitative needs of each child and adolescent while taking into account the stresses evolving from their environment at home or in school. Children & Adolescent are seen 4 times per month.

PRP services for Adults are designed to help individuals become more independent in the community while providing the least intrusive care possible. Rehabilitation Coordinators assists individual in establishing support networks, social skills and coping skills, crisis prevention and intervention, etc. They may also provide assistance such as money management skills,  assistance in securing entitlements (applying for food stamps, disability, mobility, etc), health and wellness education, accessing local transportation services, etc.  We facilitate monthly groups to expand skills and offer structured socialization.  Adults are seen 6 times per month.


Where will services take place? 

This depends on you or your child's needs and the setting where those needs could best be met. Sometimes our visits will be one-on-one at your home, school, or other community setting.  At other times, we’ll bring you to our location where you will join others in learning new things while having fun.

Who is eligible for services?

  • Must be actively participating in therapy minimally two times per month

  • Must be referred by your treating licensed mental health professional (therapist, psychiatrist)

  • Must meet priority population diagnostic criteria (for adults only)

  • Have Maryland Medicaid or self-pay for services

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